Seniors & Adaptive

We are committed to teaching yoga for every body. If you are healing an injury, have a special condition, or just feeling like you are inspired to slow down your practice a bit and allow it to be more naturally progressive, we have several classes that will work well for you.

The following classes are great options

· Yoga for 50+
· Basic Yoga
· Slow Flow
· Gentle Flow
· Yoga for Alignment & Injuries

It takes three to six weeks for the body to become neuromuscularly coordinated to a new form of movement or exercise. So, that means the first few classes, the first few weeks, you may feel clumsy, awkward, sore, shaky, light-headed, etc. If any of these symptoms are severe talk to your therapist or doctor and let your instructors at Flow know that you have been experiencing these things. After that time, with regular attendance, the practice will start to feel natural and will just flow for you.

We recommend starting out your membership with the commitment of, at least, an 8-class package. You owe it to yourself to practice enough classes over 3-6 weeks to make a real sound decision about which classes and instructors are the best fit for your body right now in your practice.

To create a new habit it takes 3 months of being committed to doing something. So, an even better commitment is signing up for our Seniors Monthly Unlimited Autodeduct Rate of $49.50 Unlimited Classes each month. Anyone 65 years and older can benefit for this deeply discounted rate. At the end of three months, if you decide yoga is just not right for you, you can give your 30 days notice to cancel your membership.

Always check with your doctor or therapist before starting any new exercise program.