Yoga for Everybody

We are committed to teaching yoga for every body and offer a very diverse class schedule in order to provide a little of something for everyone. If you are healing an injury, have a special condition, or just feeling like you are inspired to slow down your practice a bit and allow it to be more naturally progressive, we have several classes that will work well for you. We also have some more power inspired options for those looking to boost their fitness and cardio. It is our belief that yoga can be accessible for any body, and our instructors are inspired in sustainable yoga asana – sound biomechanics for a healthy yoga practice.

It takes three to six weeks for the body to become neuromuscularly coordinated to a new form of movement or exercise, and 3 months of being committed to create a habit. So, that means the first few classes, the first few weeks, you may feel clumsy, awkward, sore, shaky, light-headed, etc. If any of these symptoms are severe talk to your therapist or doctor and let your instructors at Flow know that you have been experiencing these things. After that time, with regular attendance, the practice will start to feel natural and will just flow for you.

We recommend starting out your membership with the commitment of, at least, an 8-class package. You owe it to yourself to practice enough classes over 3-6 weeks to make a real sound decision about which classes and instructors are the best fit for your body right now in your practice. New students to our studio may also enjoy our introductory special of 6 weeks for $60.



Yoga for Men & Women

Men often are intimidated by Yoga. Interestingly, in India where Yoga originated it is primarily men who practice hatha yoga, similar to martial arts in other eastern areas of the world. We’ve had men say to us, “I cant do yoga, I’m not flexible.” Well, of course, that is the whole point. Men can, generally, benefit physically even more from yoga than women. Once men have the courage to try it, they are our most loyal members because the profound benefits to their bodies and minds surprise them. Men benefit the most by realizing that pure power will not bring them the greatest results. Men learn incredible mindbody, or kinesthetic, awareness in yoga that helps them to enjoy all aspects of their life more fully, especially outdoor fun that requires whole body functional strength. Men will practice being powerful while maintaining a soft full breath in a Warrior pose, as well as how to let go of all effort in a forward fold and allow the warmth and nourishment of the breath to physiologically send a signal to a muscle to relax and stretch.

Women are sometimes more flexible than men, but not always. Women who are already very flexible, can benefit in yoga by focusing on good alignment, muscle balancing, and dynamic strength in the postures. Women who have always been very active, find yoga to be the perfect cross-training option–a great balance to stretch out muscles that have continually shortened over time. Women who have not been active at all, will find yoga is the perfect opportunity to awaken dormant muscles progressively (slow flow, gentle and basic yoga are good options in that case).


Yoga for Seniors

Yoga can be a great way to promote longevity in both health and movement. A consistent practice is great for athletes, youth, and seniors who are hoping to improve or maintain a balance of strength and flexibility. Anyone 65 years and older can benefit from a discounted rate of $59 for a monthly unlimited membership. At the end of three months, if you decide yoga is just not right for you, you can give your 30 days notice to cancel your membership.If you are a senior, looking to slow your yoga down, or recovering from an injury we recommend the following classes on our schedule:

· Yoga for 50+
· Mindful Movement
· Align Flow
· Restorative Yoga & Nidra
· Yoga for Alignment & Injuries


Always check with your doctor or therapist before starting any new exercise program.



Yoga for Kids & Teens

Yoga teaches children of all ages positive play through yoga poses, breathing activities, share circles, laughter and partner yoga, and other cooperative learning activities to develop self-esteem, character, creativity, positive social interaction, emotional balance, and bodily and kinesthetic intelligence and awareness.

Many children rarely have the opportunity to explore “within”, to take the time to check in with their bodies and minds. In addition, the statistics relating to health, fitness and obesity in children today are daunting. Yoga is a great way for all children to learn to enjoy movement, to increase body awareness and self esteem, and to empower them to take responsibility for their overall health. At a time in our history where kids are busier than ever and, subsequently, feeling more stress, yoga is an amazing tool and gift.


Baby and Me

(mom, dad, pre-crawling infants)

A chance to start moving joints and muscles, “find” your core again (it IS there, we promise!), bond with baby, breathe, and meet other new parents. This is a postnatal yoga class where you can bring your pre-crawling infant with you.


Lila Retreat – A Retreat for Mommy and Me

(moms and kids all ages)

Flow Founder, Stephanie, created Lila Retreats as a supportive time for mothers to interrupt the “normal” every day pattern of a busy lifestyle to play and explore with their child(ren) while being supported by a community of other mothers. Lila is a Sanskrit word for divine play. Time for mom to rejuvenate and relax with other mothers, time for mom to enjoy some meditative alone time, as well as time for moms and children to play, eat, and enjoy the outdoors together. Women-only yoga classes, multi-age kids yoga and music classes, and integrated playful yoga and music time. Families are grouped into “tribes” at the beginning of the workshop to support each other in having free time to meditate, hike, enjoy the springs, or a massage. A cooperative structure that involves all participants, but allows for unique opportunities for solace, as well.

Celebrate summer with us at the end of August for 3 days & 2 nights at Breitenbush for a playful and rejuvenating natural retreat. Each mom and child(ren) can have their own cabin, sleeping tent w/ pads, or bring your own tent. Healthy meals included. We’ll assign you lodging near a friend or pair you with another mom so “tribes” are created to support mommy for a little free time.


Teen & Young Adult Discounted Rate

(anyone 25 and under)

Flow offers anyone 25 or under living on a limited income or attending school to take advantange of our Youth Monthly Unlimited Autodeduct Rate of $59 for unlimited classes each month. Students under 19 may also take advantage of a reduced drop-in rate of $12. You will need to show school ID to get this rate. At the end of three months, if you decide yoga is just not right for you, you can give your 30 days notice to cancel your membership.


Why Yoga Is Good as Fitness for Kids