Yoga Classes

At Flow, Yoga teaches us that we do not come together merely to heal the body or to watch each other do fancy poses. Your entire being and the energy we share together creates the yogic experience. Our classes are not about how many cool poses an instructor can do…they are about the connection to something more than that…to seeing and experiencing reality as it is. Once we “get” that in our entire being, the poses just flow inspired from our bodies, breath, minds and hearts exactly as they are meant to in that moment. When we experience true Yoga it can be amazingly pure, deep, and joyful. We offer a variety of yoga, from slow, therapeutic classes to powerful, athletic classes, there is something for every body. We have some of the most talented, devoted, connected, and highly-educated yoga instructors in the country.

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Class Length

• All Flow Classes are 60-80 min (noon & 6 am classes are 60 min)
• Hot Flow, Sunday Meditation/Satsang and Yin/Restore – 90 min
• Meditation and TRX Classes – 45 min
• Group Fitness Training – 60 min
• Spin & Fusion Classes – 45/60 min



Intermediate to Advanced Asana


Active, flowing style yoga class (vinyasa yoga) proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. You will be given options in each pose so that you feel challenged, yet successful. Without breaking the natural flow from pose to pose, the focus will be on alignment and breath.


Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is an active, flowing, vinyasa style class with an emphasis on connecting deeply to your own inner guru to guide you through challenging sequences and balancing poses. Practiced in a heated environment, this class focuses on opening the shoulders, hips and spine as well as strengthening core and upper body. Set to music, this one hour class is energizing, super fun, and suitable for intermediate practitioners. 60 min


Core Flow/Hot Core

A vinyasa class that is core and standing pose-focused and more wrist-friendly. Vinyasa yoga uniquely builds upper body bone density, and wrist strength and flexibility over time. However, those new to the practice and/or anyone with carpal tunnel or congested energy/inflammation in the shoulder girdle may be healing or strengthening wrists. We understand the importance of meeting our students where they are at. So, we have designated these two classes each week as vinyasa classes that especially focus on core strengthening and standing poses. These classes are “chaturanga-free” for those taking care of wrists or shoulders. Normal temperature or heated. 60 min


V2 – Vital Vinyasa

Join us for one-hour and experience yourself as vitality – the state of being strong and active. Vitality is the power giving energy of life present in all living things. We begin with primal dynamic flowing movement as warm-up and conditioning for all of your joints to return to their natural balanced strength and mobility. Once the body-mind is awakened, we then incorporate weighted clubs (clubbells) to allow strength to be both conditioning and part of a vinyasa flow. This method, is not just a trend but is founded in yogasana, natural human movement, AND grounded in exercise science. We teach these dynamic flows with progressions and options to allow the body to become strong and balanced at its own pace so you are less likely to experience injury.

  • Coming Soon Winter 2017:  Aerial Silks Yoga


Basic to Intermediate Asana

Alignment Yoga

This class is taught by Laurie Van Cott, physical therapist, and focuses on anatomical alignment, healing, and cross training that includes developing functional strength and flexibility for muscle balance through long holds.


Align Flow

A vinyasa flow class where we slow down the pace, esp for the poses where there are common mis-alignments. Focus on breathing, and developing the strength, mobility and awareness to find the precise alignment for YOUR body. This class often includes therapeutic techniques to bring balance and release tension including breath work combined with myofascial release using balls or foam rollers.


Yoga for 50+

Think you have to be young, healthy, fit or flexible to practice yoga? Think again. If you have yearned to try yoga but have been discouraged because you think you are too old, your body type is wrong, you are suffering from chronic health issues, or are working with an injury, this class was designed with you in mind. This class emphasizes asana, as well as breathing practices, pranayama, and meditation. The health benefits of hatha yoga are profound and the vital energy you will feel is amazing.



Meditative Asana

Yoga Nidra

Yogic sleep—pranayama (breathwork) followed by a lying guided meditation where you are brought into “psychic sleep—an incredibly relaxing experience. 45 min


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a profoundly healing form of yoga. In a restorative class, all of the poses are completely supported by props, thus releasing the body to rest in them for longer periods to receive deeper benefits derived from the poses, and encouraging the body’s innate healing. Fully supported, passive poses induce a deep state of relaxation, a seed for meditation. In addition, the poses awaken dull areas of the body to improve circulation and encourage healing. Restorative poses can be powerfully beneficial to bring about awareness of muscular and respiratory holding patterns. All levels welcome. 60-75 min.


Qi Flow

Qi Flow is a vinyasa based practice that focuses on slower and more quiet holds and flowing movements in order to cultivate vital energy, deep quiet, and self awareness. Practices will vary but include breath work, meditation, and specific focuses for healing, rejuvenation, and awareness. 75 mins.





“Awakening to your True Nature is not some mystical, magical thing. It is an absolutely simple discovery of what you’ve always been. To find that out, there’s no need to become good, or pure, or holy…you realize that what you are IS the Sacred, RIGHT NOW. The discovery of your naturally inherent perfection has nothing to do with religion, or what you believe, or even how you live your life. It is seeing beyond the limited ideas of “me” into the actual nature of Reality itself. We can’t give each other that, we can’t attain that, we can point each other to that living Truth in every moment because it is already within.” Sundays 11-12:30



Delving into meditation and self inquiry offers each of us opportunities to awaken to what is most deeply true in ourselves. Join Lora or Adi for a variety of meditative practice and satsang.




Whole Family Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga-classes are designed to help women increase energy and vitality, to soften, surrender and deeply relax. Emphasis is on breathwork, listening to one’s body and connecting with baby. Women gain confidence in their ability to give birth and mother their newborn child as they learn to trust their inner voice and be powerful. A wonderful time for moms to come together and meet each other’s babies and support one another. We are currently offering Prenatal classes in a workshop format. Please refer to our master event calendar for the current schedule.

You may also inquire about classes by sending an email to, or calling the studio 541.386.9642


Baby and Me

Parents and pre-crawling babies are welcome in this class. This class is developed to feed the growing bond between parents and babies. We will practice in a supportive environment helping new mothers to ease back into their yoga practice.

* This is a seasonal class requiring at least SIX interested mommies and is also presented as a workshop series. Email for more details.

Yoga For Kids!

“Thank you for providing wonderful yoga classes. Otis loved yoga yesterday he enjoyed watching and loved the Om’s. Lola loves yoga also she does yoga at home and enjoys the yoga fit kids videos. We are so happy you are in Hood River. Yoga has helped me to be a better person many thanks!”

Flow Kids teaches children positive play, yoga poses, breathing activities, share circles, laughter and partner yoga, and other cooperative learning activities to develop self-esteem, character, creativity, positive social interaction, emotional balance, and bodily and kinesthetic intelligence and awareness.

Many children rarely have the opportunity to explore “within”, to take the time to check in with their bodies and minds. In addition, the statistics relating to health, fitness and obesity in children today are daunting. Yoga is a great way for all children to learn to enjoy movement, to increase body awareness and self esteem, and to empower them to take responsibility for their overall health. At a time in our history where kids are busier than ever and, subsequently, feeling more stress, yoga is an amazing tool and gift.

· Kids ages 3 and older are welcome to attend (must be potty trained)
· Ideal ages are 4-10
· Fitness, friendship, creativity, and positive self-image is the focus
· $10 for one Kid, and $15 for two. Please come a few minutes early for class to get your child settled. Come prepared with water, and possibly a snack. Fruit snacks and mats will be provided.

Kids Yoga is currently offered
Sundays 9:30 – 10:45