Prenatal Class Series

Close-up of pregnant woman meditating while sitting in lotus position

Prenatal/Postpartum Class Series

Join us in community, support, and celebration of motherhood! In this 2 1/2-Hour Workshop, you will enjoy a 75-minute Prenatal Yoga class, interactive support and care, and we will discuss modifications and options for practicing yoga in pregnancy and post-partum to empower you to really care for your body. Additionally, included in the workshop price are 8 additional yoga classes that you can use any time within a 4- month period. We will also provide detailed schedule recommendations for which classes are best for pregnancy and postpartum and why (there are quite a few good choices, so don’t worry, you will be able to fit at least one a week into your schedule).

We recommend repeating the workshop whenever you can throughout your Pregnancy and Postpartum period (Yes! You can bring your newborn, if you like!). Why? To stay in touch with your friends, for support, and important reminders. AND, of course, to enjoy a class to devoted entirely to Pregnancy and new Moms!



$109, or $99 Early (if registered at least one week before)

* Covers one Saturday workshop and 8 additional classes

Dates 2018: Saturday 12-2:30

* Choose from one of the following Saturday workshop dates. You may repeat this workshop or simply use the skills and modifications learned in class to attend prenatal friendly classes from our regular weekly schedule.



You may REGISTER in the following ways:

1. Online: Visit the Master Event Calendar, scroll down to find the workshop and click “sign up”.
2. Call the studio at 541 386 9642
3. Email our Manager: