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Stephanie and Adi experience Flow as so much more than a yoga studio. Flow is a community co-created to support each other’s unfolding in each moment to our true nature. Stephanie often says, “The teacher and the taught together create the teaching.” Yoga teaches us that we do not come together merely to heal the body or to watch each other do fancy poses. Yoga is not really about the poses at all. Your entire being and the energy we share together creates the yogic experience. Our classes are not about how many cool poses an instructor can do…they are about the connection to something more than that…to seeing and experiencing reality as it is. Once we “get” that in our entire being, the poses just flow inspired from our bodies, breath, minds and hearts exactly as they are meant to in that moment. When we experience true Yoga it can be amazingly pure, deep, joyful and sometimes even exquisitely heart breaking.

Our History

In 2003, two families (including Stephanie) took a leap of faith moving to Hood River, Oregon to start Flow Studio and a new way of life. Leaving the safety of family, friends, and comfortable incomes, was a transformative experience. After searching for the right location, we found 4500 square feet of downtown Hood River space with historical charm and transformed it into an oasis of character and beauty. This 100-year old building had a lot of work to be done, and we spent countless hours over three months restoring and improving the space . In 2009 Stephanie and Adi together purchased Flow Yoga from the other founding owners.

Over the last decade +, the people of Hood River have been incredibly welcoming and supportive of Flow and have created a unique, healing and celebratory yoga, mindbody fitness, and spiritual community. It fills our hearts with joy to be sharing the gift of Yoga with the incredible people of the Gorge.



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