Northwest Program

We have learned over the last seventeen years a few key things about how yoga teachers learn and grow.  The Intensive environment provides for a “pattern interrupt” which helps to transform and breakthrough habitual thinking that is essential for deepening awareness.  However, a one-month intensive is exhausting and doesn’t provide time to go out into the real world and apply what you’ve learned and come back for more practice and continued learning. So, we are offering intensive weekends, weeks and two-week programs that you can work to fit your schedule.


Taking all of that into consideration, for 2017, our RYT 200 program offers trainings in both the Northwest and Midwestern US.  You may also download the welcome packet for more information.


If you can not attend all the dates listed below, you can continue to complete in upcoming years, as you are able to complete. The total cost for attendance in the RYT 200 program is $2500. This can be paid in monthly payments or in full, but all payments must be made prior to getting your Certificate for graduation.

NORTHWEST Jaya Yoga RYT 200 Teacher Training Program
Hood River, Oregon

 2017 Welcome Packet & Schedule

2017 Winter / Summer

1) Foundations
Jan 27-29
2) Jaya Yoga RYT 200 TT – Part 1 (100 hours) 
Feb 24-26
March 17-19
April 28-30
Prerequisite: Foundations


Weekend Training Hours:
Friday 4-9 (5)
Saturday 8:30-7:30 (10)
Sunday 930-6 (7.5)



2017 Summer/Fall

1) Foundations
Aug 4-6
2) Jaya Yoga RYT 200 TT – Part 1 (100 hours)
10-Day Intensive August 7-17
Prerequisite: Foundations
3) Jaya Yoga RYT 200 TT – Part 2 (100 hours)
2-Week Intensive Oct 14-27
‪Prerequisites are: Foundations & Jaya Yoga RYT 200-Part 1‬

These workshops are also included in our hours together:
‪Sustainable Vinyasa Yoga Workshop: Oct 14th
Every Age-/Stage: Oct 21st
Creating Connection Through Touch: Oct 22nd

Register for these workshops on our Master Event Calendar


We want to hear from you! Our greatest gift in choosing this path is the connection we create through Yoga in all ways. Please email Stephanie or our Studio Manager with any questions.