MindBody Fitness Classes

“Indoor Training for the Outdoors” at Flow

Our MindBody Fitness Classes at Flow are infused with body wisdom teachings for vital energy. You will experience a community that inspires whole-body empowerment that redefines physical training as an inspiring, creative, personalized session of transformative evolution.


Due to special equipment, space is limited in these classes. You may want to reserve your space ahead of time to be ensured a space and equipment.


Class Length

• Strength:  60 min
• Cycle: 45 min
• Snow Conditioning:  60 – 75 min
• Vital Vinyasa (V2): 60 min
• Barreasana: 60 min



Your body and gravity become the challenge: using TRX suspension trainers, plyometrics, splinter techniques, exercise balls, and club-bells, and other functional and gravity-inspired methods and equipment you will achieve a level of mind, body and heart fitness you never imagined possible. These classes are taught in Fitness Circuits of 45 seconds activity to 15 seconds of rest, accompanied by dynamic yoga-inspired warm-ups and cool downs.



Cycle Training

A fun and inspiring class where we tap into our active energy through music and movement while group training on a specially-designed bike! Great Cardio workout and the ultimate workout paired with Fly. Cycle classes at Flow are both inspired by the energy of the group, and focused on getting you stronger, leaner and more effective on your bike and in life.



flow_spinSnow Conditioning ** Oct-Nov only

Cycle X-Training is designed to blend aerobic cycle, strength training, and dynamic stretching into a 60-75 minute time slot. This class is inspired by spinning, physical training, yoga, through dynamic high intensity (HIIT, Tabata) intervals that are designed to give you a full body workout in less time. These classes will also help you to activate the correct muscle groups while strengthening in sound alignment. If you are willing to push your thresholds you can improve endurance, strength, and flexibility through this series.



v2scerenityV2 ~ Vital Vinyasa

We begin with primal dynamic flowing movement as warm-up and conditioning for all of your joints to return to their natural balanced strength and mobility. Once the body-mind is awakened, we then incorporate weighted clubs (clubbells) to allow strength to be both conditioning and part of a vinyasa flow. This method, is not just a trend but is founded in yogasana, natural human movement, AND grounded in exercise science. We teach these dynamic flows with progressions and options to allow the body to become strong and balanced at its own pace so you are less likely to experience injury.



cropped-Flow-Logo.pngBarreAsana & Yoga/Barre Groove

A vigorously paced class inspired by yoga, Pilates and ballet that includes isometric holds, small intense movements and functional dynamic exercises to challenge, tone and sculpt your whole body. Bring your mat. We practice barefoot. Props provided: small hand weights, ball and TRX or chair (as our barre).



Cycle Class Reservation Policy – Reservations are now taken online. Please take time to cancel your reservations if you can not make class.