Men & Women

Men often are intimidated by Yoga. Interestingly, in India where Yoga originated it is primarily men who practice hatha yoga, similar to martial arts in other eastern areas of the world. We’ve had men say to us, “I cant do yoga, I’m not flexible.” Well, of course, that is the whole point. Men can, generally, benefit physically even more from yoga than women. Once men have the courage to try it, they are our most loyal members because the profound benefits to their bodies and minds surprise them. Men benefit the most by realizing that pure power will not bring them the greatest results. Men learn incredible mindbody, or kinesthetic, awareness in yoga that helps them to enjoy all aspects of their life more fully, especially outdoor fun that requires whole body functional strength. Men will practice being powerful while maintaining a soft full breath in a Warrior pose, as well as how to let go of all effort in a forward fold and allow the warmth and nourishment of the breath to physiologically send a signal to a muscle to relax and stretch.

Women are sometimes more flexible than men, but not always. Women who are already very flexible, can benefit in yoga by focusing on good alignment, muscle balancing, and dynamic strength in the postures. Women who have always been very active, find yoga to be the perfect cross-training option–a great balance to stretch out muscles that have continually shortened over time. Women who have not been active at all, will find yoga is the perfect opportunity to awaken dormant muscles progressively (slow flow, gentle and basic yoga are good options in that case).

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