Martial Art of Awareness Workshop

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-32-39-amMarch 12th, 1-4pm at Flow Yoga

Learn the secrets of the Old Masters & discover YOUR inner power!

Do you want more…

  • Mental Focus
  • Body Awareness
  • Balance, Alignment & Stillness
  • Mental & Physical Power

The old martial arts masters of China developed the skills to train both their minds and bodies for tremendous levels of inner power, but they were very secretive, and often unwilling or unable to pass on the secret to their incredible skills.

Unlock the Secrets of the Masters!

There are no mysterious terms or hidden meanings here! The curriculum of the Martial Art of Awareness was developed in English from the ground up by Grand Master Sam Chin to teach you the high level martial arts skills of the old masters in the fastest, simplest manner possible. The Martial Art of Awareness can help you find your own focus and inner power in these modern times.

Zen & Tai Chi: Based on Zen philosophy and tai chi principles, I Liq Chuan – the martial art of awareness – is a sophisticated internal martial art that is known for its effectiveness in helping people like you develop mindfulness and high level martial arts skills.

Early Bird $15 if registered before March 5th

Call (541)386-9642 or register here on our master event calendar.