La Ventana : Casa Tara Yoga Retreat & Intensive


Casa Tara Yoga Retreat & One-Week Intensive
Jan 13-20, 2018

Adi Vajra and Stephanie “Pushti” Adams are delighted to offer this week immersed in sacred beauty and yoga. Casa Tara Retreat seeks to live in continuous harmony with the environment. We believe that nature is the nurturing force that provides us with everything we need to fulfill our bodies and souls, so we should take care of Mother Nature like she takes cares for us. This is why our building materials were carefully selected to be the best available low-impact alternatives: Straw-bales were used as fillers in the walls for insulation, and renewable solar energy powers part of the retreat center. As to the atmosphere, we asked a Feng Shui expert to come and lead the whole furnishing and color scheme process inside all areas, so Casa Tara is literally a place suited to relax and get in touch with your inner self.

Tara, a female meditational deity for Buddhists, is considered to be the Bodhisattva (or mother) of Universal Love and Compassion. Buddhists believe that once she achieved her enlightenment on Earth, instead of transcending, she chose to stay in the world to help mankind raise their consciousness and free their souls.
Tara means “the one who enables living beings to cross the oceans of existence and suffering”. It is her compassion for living beings and her desire to save them from suffering, that makes her protective of them like a mother is of her children.



$1503 (plus additional $270 if attending optional Teacher Training hours).

$100 Early Discount if paid in full prior to September 1, 2017. **We do require a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.

** Price includes shared rooms lodging (2 persons in a room), all yoga, satsang, and meditation classes and three delicious and healthy meals/day.


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You can find photos on the Casa Tara website below