Jaya Yoga Teacher Training

flow_2011_28Teacher Training at Flow Yoga delves you deep into the true heart of yoga. Physically, you will get the best possible instruction in pose anatomy and alignment so that you can truly understand “the reasons, not just the rules”. Personally, Yoga is about connection, union, life, and love. You will come to know yourself as that during these trainings.


“Stephanie and Adi are incredible. I can’t put into words how amazing this experience was for me… intense but so amazing! Thank you so much for making this training happen. I am forever grateful to you both and all the wonderful teachers, your lovely community who has been so welcoming, and for this amazing group we have. I am forever changed and blessed for knowing each of you!” −  2011 3 wk Trainee



What to Look for in a Yoga Teacher Training Program

As you compare different programs and schools, feel free to ask lots of questions about the program and the experience of the Trainers.  Not only how long have they been practicing or teaching Yoga, but how long have they been training teachers.  Are they ERYT 500 Level with Yoga Alliance (highest level)?  Have they been trained in more than one style of asana?

Another thing to consider is how many students will be allowed into the program.  It is of the utmost importance to us that we have enough people to generate energy and support, but not so many that we are limited in our personal connection to each student.

Adi, Stephanie and Christy have been taught by master teachers in the U.S. and India and have taken a variety of trainings around the world to ensure that we are providing classes to inspire the mind, awaken the spirit, and bring vital energy into the body.   There are many newer teachers who put together teacher trainings and many of them have only been trained in one style of asana.   Our teacher trainers have been trained in many forms of vinyasa/astanga/power, bihar, kriya/kundalini, yin, Iyengar, partner/acro, Pranava, and therapeutic/viniyoga.   Stephanie has been practicing asana regularly since 1994 (23 years), and training Yoga teachers and developing curriculum for Yoga Alliance-approved training programs nearly full-time since 2000 (over 16 years).   Adi has been teaching the heart of Yoga since he first had the highest samadhi experience in 2003.   THIS is our lives’ work, THIS is what we are here to do.  We have 31 combined years of full-time teaching.


Is Jaya Yoga Right for You?

Jaya Yoga will challenge your body and mind, and open your heart, if you let it.   We will ask a lot from you, and you will get back, what you give.  Once you commit to this program, your practice, and your overall well-being…you “catch” Yoga, you become Yoga.  You relax into life with the most vital energy you’ve ever known. We offer a 3-Day Foundations Training so that you can meet your potential teachers and get a deep sense and feeling for what this style/approach is founded upon.  If your heart is inspired toward the Jaya Yoga path, you can choose to enter either at the 200-hour or 500-hour level (if you already have your RYT 200).



Interested?? Read more about the RYT2oo or RYT500 programs.


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