Teacher Training Part 2: Jaya Yoga

lotus-in-handsSome say, Part 1 offers the necessary foundations to grown within – as though tending a fertile plot of soil. After having some time to better absorb all that we cover in the first training, Part 2 truly allows for blossoming. A filling out and an authentic connection to your personal yoga expression – either through teaching, or even just within your personal practice.


For Part 2 of our training we dive just a little bit deeper on all levels of yoga. The asana training and practice evolves while we continue to train sustainable yoga biomechanics through inversions, twists, and dynamic movement. Here you will also have the opportunity to practice teach for your training group within a trusted and comfortable environment.


We will also cover Sanskrit terminology, pranayama, and meditation through both modern and traditional yogic teachings. Our exploration of yoga philosophy will dive further into the 8 limbs, Ayurveda, tantra, and the enneagram.


This program is a Yoga Alliance-approved 200-Hour Teacher Training. You may follow the links to read more about the Jaya Yoga Program,  see our RYT 200 Training Schedule, and learn a bit about the Trainers.  You may also find any of our currently scheduled workshops and retreats on our Master Events Calendar.


“Our inspiration is to share Yoga in ways that are meaningful to you energetically and spiritually. Jaya Yoga is also uniquely grounded in preventing yoga injuries so that you can continue your practice for the rest of your life – we approach yoga not from what’s trendy, but from what’s sacred, sustainable, and revolutionary.” —-



3-day Foundations: $398 ($358 early bird) * This is included if doing the full 200hr training
200 hr Part 1: 100 hours — 1,250 (stand alone)
200 hr Part 2: 100 hours —- 1,250 (or 2,500 for the whole program)

* We ask for a $500 deposit however, you are able to pay the remainder in one lump sum or break it down into payment plans.



The Jaya trainings are held periodically throughout the year. You can find an updated schedule of workshops on our Master Event Calendar. There is also more information and a pdf welcome packet with all of our scheduled trainings on the Jaya Yoga RYT 200 page.


You may REGISTER in the following ways:

1. Online: Master Event Calendar – Scroll down to the workshop & click “sign up”
2. Contact the Manager at floweventsmanager@gmail.com
3. Call us at the studio at 541-FUN-YOGA (541-386-9642).


FOR QUESTIONS: Email Steph at flowyoga@gorge.net

—- Refund Policy: For cancellations 90 days prior, you can receive a Flow Yoga credit for all monies paid except a $500 non-refundable administrative deposit.