Jaya Yoga RYT 200

Jaya Yoga Teacher Training celebrates Yoga like no other training program we know of. More than just learning asana and teaching techniques, you will discover true Yoga, the essence of who you are. You will train, personally, with two teachers devoted to you and your Yogic discovery. You will become immersed in Yoga with the guidance of your teachers throughout the program.

You will learn to recognize your teaching strengths and to authentically and comfortably create connection, unity…Yoga… in your classes.

We offer a number of training options throughout the year. For a list of our currently scheduled workshops and trainings please refer to our Master Event Calendar. You may also download a pdf of our 2017 Welcome Packet & Training Schedule.

We are currently offering two U.S RYT 200 training locations: one based out of Granville Ohio, and the other at our home studio in Hood River, Oregon. Please see their individual pages for more information and specific training dates: Northwest Program * Midwest Program




Jaya Yoga 200 Hr Training Highlights:

~ Over 80 asana/postures/modifications/vinyasas (some unique to Jaya Yoga) from an alignment, kinesiology, and energetic perspective.  We explore asana thoroughly to balance the muscles and prevent yoga injury, looking at asana together as standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, arm balances and inversions.


~ Kinesiology is the study of movement, performance, and function by applying the sciences of biomechanicsanatomyphysiology, and psychology. From a yogic perspective, we look deeply into the poses and apply the ancient science of bandhas (energetic seals/locks) with modern functional strength/muscle balancing.


~ Additionally, we take into consideration skeletal anatomy and develop an understanding of the physiology of stretching to “see” both the benefits and limitations of asana to balance the physical body.


~ Discussion of common yoga injuries and how to prevent them through progression, modifications, and options.


~ In developing an understanding of the subtle energy body: koshas, chakras, rasas and nadis, we understand the benefit of pranayama, kriya, mudra, and asana to connect with the inherent vital energy that we are.


~ Kriya – Over 30 kriyas, many unique to Jaya Yoga.  Kriyas are mental and physical meditations. Focus on understanding and incorporating kriyas into your classes and your practice. Kriyas are not well known or understood in the West, yet are a primary practice in India, where yoga began.


~ At the 200 hour level, we deeply study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, including the essentials of Yoga philosophy, the 3-Step Plan, 8 Limbed System, and Yamas and Niyamas.


~ In celebration of yoga all ways, we look at the “family tree” of the major lineages of Eastern and Western Yoga Traditions, older & contemporary, to understand the styles and traditions emerging today.


~ Sanskrit pronunciation and practice – both asana and yogic terms.


~ Finding your authentic teaching voice and language.  Creating Yoga- union – connection in your classes.


~ Energetically balancing our classes with hatha and vinyasaThe energetic and physical practices of mantra and mudra will be introduced and practiced, including practical ways you can incorporate them into classes.


~ Meditation and pratyahara (sense withdrawal) will be a daily practice using a variety of techniques, as will the other limbs of the 8-limbed system.


~ Adjustments – learning to connect individually and energetically with students first, and, secondly, through visual, verbal, and touch.  Physical adjustments are an advanced teaching technique that should be applied with experience once a teacher has become comfortable with teaching technique and creating connection.


~ Practice Teaching.   Observing and assisting in classes.



Included in Our RYT 200 Annual Trainings

The following workshops are included in the Jaya Yoga RYT 200 Program, or can be taken as stand alone trainings.


blue-sky-dancers3 – Day Foundations

We offer a 3-Day Immersion so that you can meet your potential teachers and get a deep sense and feeling for what this style/approach is founded upon. This is also a great refresh for teachers who have their RYT 200 and want to re-visit the basics.



flow_2011_7Yoga for Every Age & Stage

Stephanie has taken the vast array of options and information available for modifying the traditional practices for specialty populations into the most practical and powerful. Learn the most important considerations for modifying classes for pregnancy, seniors, obesity, and fun and playful formats for teaching to kids.



flow_2011_15Creating Connection Through Touch

One natural way we express connection is through touch and physical support. This 5 hour teacher training workshop will focus on assisting and adjusting asana to both connect and to guide. Healing through touch by assisting and bringing aligned balance to our students’ bodies.



290334_2287249295764_1084871982_32746160_469104_oSustainable Vinyasa Workshops

In our time together, we will learn and practice simple principles of alignment in fundamental Vinyasa poses based on essentials of Hatha Yoga biomechanics. These functional fundamentals can help to prevent yoga injury especially in areas most prone to injury in  modern active yoga styles: the wrist, lumbar and cervical spine, and the hips/knees! Sustainable Yogasana promotes body awareness, and integration between yoga therapeutics and active styles of yoga.



Please call the studio at 541 386 9642 or email Stephanie with any program questions. For registration inquiries you can connect with our Studio Manager.