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flow_teacher training4Stephanie Adams

Sharing the awareness, acceptance and transformation the practice of yoga brings to our lives is what truly inspires Stephanie to teach. She has seen inothers, and experienced herself, that regular practice inspires one to greater peace, connection, and joy. Stephanie has been practicing hatha yoga for over 20 years. Prior to that, she was learning about the yogic life through studying universal spiritual principles and philosophy with her first yoga teacher, Marianne Williamson (not an asana teacher, but a true teacher of the heart of Yoga).

Stephanie’s dedication to the path brought her to fulfilling her dream of opening a studio, training teachers, and building community through yoga. Flow Yoga recently celebrated its 11th anniversary and continues to thrive and grow in ways she never could have imagined. In 2012, Stephanie, with her partner, Adi Vajra, created her own Registered Yoga School called Jaya Yoga Teacher Training. Again, this leap of faith has been greatly rewarded with loyal and loving student teachers who come to train with them from all over the US and Canada.

Over 14 years, Stephanie has trained over 10,000 teachers throughout the US and Canada. She has led trainings in 25 states and 3 provinces. Internationally, in addition to Canada, Stephanie has also led teacher trainings in Mexico and India. She appears with her two daughters in the YogaFit Kids video/DVD, and in the YF Level One, Level Four and Anatomy Training DVDs, and appeared several times on Seattle’s Q13 Morning News show as a yoga resource.

In addition to Stephanie’s yoga background, she holds fitness certifications, including ACE’s Personal Trainer Certificate since 1998. She has a B.S. from W.S.U., and is certified through BodyMind Academy as a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant. Stephanie has been a featured presenter at ACSM, NIRSA, TSI Summit, NW YogaFest, DCAC, Spinning, IDEA, and numerous YogaFit MindBody Fitness Conferences. She is registered at Yoga Alliance’s highest level, as a 500-hr ERYT (this allows her to sign CEs for RYT 200-Trained teachers who attend her workshops).



adi2016Adi Vajra

From a young age, Adi (born Paul Marino) felt that Love was more important than anything else. Unknowingly, this subtle knowing led him to seek to understand God. As a teenager, Adi developed a fascination with shamanism and ‘expanding consciousness’. Years later, in 2003, Adi had an awakening to the essential nature of Self which profoundly transformed everything that he had thought was real. After working intensely with a Navajo medicine man and studying the mystical traditions of the world, Adi left for India in search of a fully enlightened Master. After a rigorous search he stumbled upon Sri Ramana Maharshi, where the search ended. Ramana’s invitation was to discover the Self, which is always one’s natural state of being. He gave us the beautiful gift of self-inquiry in order to find out “Who Am I, Really”. Later meeting and working with awakened Masters, including Gangaji, Adyashanti, and Elle Collier Re, Adi began teaching and pointing others to the living Truth that is one’s own nature. Adi brings a simple and direct style that doesn’t waste time with non-essentials. He draws on the wisdom traditions of Christianity, Advaita Vedanta, Zen, Tantric Buddhism, and Yoga in his teachings. The challenge here is to dive deep into yourself in order to find out what’s really, really True. These teachings are meant for those who are no longer interested in attaining anything special, but who are interested in the truth that is available always in the yearning of the Heart.




LoraLora Munn

Lora Munn, ERYT 200, is a local teacher known for her deep devotion to the healing practices of yoga and for her ability to weave ancient, heart-centered philosophy into practices for the modern yoga practitioner.


Lora’s passion as a yoga teacher and healer is fulfilled by her creative offerings ranging from the dynamic and challenging aspects of vinyasa, to the deeply meditative aspects of restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra. Each class is a humble offering, a chance to relinquish the habits and histories that bind us all, and a chance to recognize that each moment is an opportunity to create a bright new story.
“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive… so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell





Processed with VSCO with g3 presetAlli Pareti

Alli first discovered the beauty and spirit of Hood River through kiteboarding, but was soon led to the presence and community of Flow Yoga. Seeking to resonate with a deeper understanding of what yoga is, and bear whiteness to ways the experience of mind body connection could enrich daily life, she completed the Jaya Teacher Training Program in 2014. After teaching in Solvang, California, Alli returned to Hood River to continue her education and training with Flow.




img_3286Angela Krause

Angela is passionate about building strong healthy bodies and fun playlists. Her experience as a personal trainer, professional chef and nursing student feed into her vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise. When she is not in the studio, she is outside running, backcountry touring, riding the beautiful roads and swimming in the Columbia with the local triathlon club. Not only will you get a great workout in her classes, you can get some expert cooking tips as well. Angela teaches spinning and strength classes during the indoor training months.




10848659_10152527616285895_714895973489597668_oAngela Logan

Angela teaches the Monday, Wednesday, & Sunday Hot Power classes. Come sweat and challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility with Angela’s positive energy and Baptiste-inspired Flow.






FB_IMG_1471569469888Erin Solveig

Erin truly connected with the power of yoga, meditation, and endurance racing while serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. Upon returning to the States she serendipitously discovered Flow Yoga and the Jaya Teacher Training. With a passionate curiosity she continues to explore and teach sustainable biomechanics and the benefits of yoga in athletic cross-training, improving mental endurance, and for general stress relief. After her time in South America she also appreciates having the opportunity to lead classes in Spanish for the Latino populations in the Gorge. Finding herself more settled in Hood River, Erin is thrilled to be a part of the Flow Yoga Community while she pursues her license in Rolfing Structural Integration and Movement Therapy.



Jen FitzJen Fitzsimons

Jennifer enjoys many styles of yoga and likes to share an eclectic mix with her students. Experiencing union of mind, body and spirit is the focus in her classes. Jen hopes to extend the practice of yoga beyond the mat into a way of life, all day, every day. She believes that the goal of the practice is to experience connection to the Divine Self. And that this unity with self, leads to unity with others and the earth. Peace within…Peace out!



Kristine ChKristineapman

Kristine is inspired by the therapeutic benefits of yoga. If you are looking to slow down, reconnect with your body, and rebalance compensation patterns – check out her mindful movement classes. She is also available for therapeutic-inspired private classes upon request.






Laurie Vancott Laurie Van Cott

Laurie was introduced to yoga as a teenager and learned early on about it’s benefits as it helped her with her back pain from scoliosis and tension headaches. Laurie’s love for yoga and it’s therapeutic aspects lead her to choose a career in physical therapy where she shares its healing abilities with others. Her teaching style is a blend of yoga influences grounded in a studied knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. She loves the challenge of encouraging people to find the ability to move within their bodies without overwelming them with medical terminology, and she welcomes the gift to guide others to build spirit and determination in themselves.





maddie-instructorpicMadeline Luecht 

Madeline, RYT 200, trained to be a yoga teacher through Jaya Yoga TT with Steph and Adi at Flow Yoga a few years ago. She then taught yoga classes in Corvallis, OR until graduating from OSU with a BS in Merchandising Management. She now works the Front Desk and manages our OmLife Boutique and Seva Program at Flow. Maddie loves her new home in Hood River, and the warm community that surrounds her. She completed her Aerial Silks Yoga training with AWOL as part of creating the Flow Yoga Aerial Program and is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing the magic of the aerial silks yoga practice with our community!





img_1054Mekayla Hall

Mekayla, RYT 200,  trained in Aerials at the Circus Center in San Francisco for 3 years where some of her instructors are award-winning aerialists. She continued training at 2 more circus schools and also completed her RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training. Mekayla has experience teaching basic aerial silks, vinyasa flow, and power yoga classes. She also recently completed more training with AWOL as part of creating the Flow Yoga Aerial Program. She is excited about teaching Aerial Silks Strength at Flow Yoga where she can fuse her passions of Aerial acrobatics and yoga together while sharing an incredible workout. Mekayla also has a background in personal training and helping people have a healthy and fit lifestyle.



paleenaPaleena Moyer

I believe that life is an amazing gift and that every moment is precious! When I’m not spreading love of wellness and movement, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful daughter, friends, and family. Being in nature daily, finding time on my yoga mat, and nourishing my body with whole foods restore and nourish my mind and body.

All hope seemed lost after a lifetime of suffering from chronic digestive health issues, eight years of chronic back pain and multiple sports injuries. I found hope and healing through yoga, which taught me how to slow down and listen to my body. My passion is to empower others by following these same principles: slowing down and listening to his or her own body. My own journey has brought me abundant health and happiness. I believe I can initiate this journey for others.

My goal as a Yoga Therapist is to help others feel a deeper Mind-Body Connection in the transformative power of slowing down, tuning in, and being present. By lifting their sights and illuminating what is possible for their unique bodies, they are able to enjoy greater abundance—which we all deserve! My success is in supporting those who wish for change and are ready and wiling to step outside of the box — gifting them deeper awareness of how much more is possible. I want to support the goals of others by shining a light on their path to help them move toward their greatest potential. I specialize in helping clients find freedom from chronic pain, tension, stress, and dis-ease in the body. My mission is “Building Strength with a Gentle Approach” –which is attainable for anyone who is ready for change!



patti boyd

Patti Boyd

Patti has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life. Windsurfing, skiing, mt. biking, cycling and running are just naming a few of her passions. Patti started practicing yoga in San Francisco in 1998, seeking yoga for the physical benefits, however soon came to realize how the yoga philosophy was enriching her life. Now, teaching yoga to others is a part of her journey, hoping to help others find a more peaceful, joyful, healthy lifestyle. Patti’s teacher training is through Yogafit, offering a Vinyasa style flow with a strong emphasis on alignment. Her enthusiasm for fitness carries over into our Fly, Fusion and Cycling classes as well.



 Shannon Tortolanoshannonmexico

Informally trained as a Sivananda teacher about 16 years ago, while at the same time maintaining a vigorous Bikram practice of her own, Shannon has always enjoyed exploring the full range of expression that yoga has to offer. Eventually pursuing a more formal instructor training by obtaining her RYT200 at Flow Yoga Hood River in the Jaya yoga tradition. Continuing education by attending meditation, alignment and pranayama workshops, as well as chipping away at her RYT 500, Shannon continually seeks to deepen her own practice and enrich what she is able to offer in the classroom.

Her passion in practice is grounded in mindfulness. She uses her time on the mat to explore this, with the intention of learning to move with that practice into everyday life. This is what motivates her as a teacher. Drawing on teachings from around the world as well as from her own life experience, she strives to cultivate in the classroom the constant invitation to connect her students with the peace, joy, and wisdom that reside inside of themselves, existing as their own unique experience and expression of Life.




Susan SorensenSusan Sorenson

Susan Sorensen has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. Susan completed her 200-hour RYT through Jaya Yoga in January 2014, and continues to aspire to the 500 hour level. She also achieved Baron Baptiste’s level one teacher training in 2006, and has attended and participated in various yoga retreats and trainings around the country. Susan is also the Artistic Director and Owner of Columbia Gorge Dance Academy in Hood River, where she teaches jazz, hip hop and modern dance. Susan loves yoga for the peace, acceptance and compassion it gives her in her life, and in her body. Her goal is to pass that on to her students through breath, movement and LOVE for where they are in the moment. Accepting that we are all beautiful and valuable spirits, simply having a human experience in our bodies, and on this planet, let’s lighten up on ourselves, generate some self love, and pass it on!!




free-2Stephanie Del Sol

Stephanie grew up right here in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. After much time spent trying to decide on a path, Stephanie decided her calling was that of: Art, Children, Nature & Wellness. With both parents as educators, working with children came naturally. She received training from Rayna Dhara through Flow Yoga as well as certification through Portland-based kids yoga teacher training YogaCalm. Kids love her creative, playful and compassionate spirit. Stephanie is the Kids Yoga Instructor here at Flow on Sunday mornings, a local art teacher through Arts in Education, as well as a vendor at the Hood River Saturday Market with her business Sunshine Creations.



Apprentices RYT 200

Apprentice RYT 200 Trained teachers at Flow are gaining more studio experience and practice teachings as subs or for our Karma Flow classes. Come try their Seva Donation Classes as they appear seasonally.

profile-pic-2Jennifer Williams

RYT 200, Jennifer received her teaching certification at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India in 2016. Jennifer’s outlook on life is deeply rooted in the yogic principle of ahimsa. Each and every living being is valuable.  Jennifer has been touched by the power of yoga to transform the way we view our lives, the way we approach others, and the choices we make;  how we live each and every day.  Her practice integrates mantra and elements of traditional Indian yogic practice.