Haramara Eco-Resort Retreat

Join Adi and Stephanie at this sacred, natural, and beautiful beachside eco-resort for a retreat that will transform your teaching, your practice, and your life. We’ll put the busyness of life on hold and dive deep into our truest nature and highest potential…a retreat in living Yoga.

You can make this a retreat OR a training for yoga teachers. We will be delving deep into the true heart of yoga. Personally, you will be invited to know your self and all that you really are from the perspective of Yoga. As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to advance your teaching in a way that you may have never expected…you will learn to recognize your teaching strengths and to authentically and comfortably create connection, unity…Yoga… in your classes. We will practice advance adjustments, therapeutic and sustainable yoga, mantra, advanced pranayama, meditation, theory/philosophy, and so much more.  If you choose NOT to attend the teacher trainer part, you can pay $350 less and enjoy classes, satsang, meditation, and more on retreat.

We will be offering this Flow Yoga Retreat and Jaya Yoga TT RYT 500 Level Intensive again December 6-13, 2014.

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Trainees Share Their Experience Teacher Training With Steph & Adi:

“I will personally never be the same. I went to the retreat a broken person. I left whole. Healed. Transformed. Never to be the same again I don’t know if mere words can fully explain the profound change I experienced…I’ll be eternally grateful for the week we spent with Adi & Stephanie. I was reluctant to go. I’ve had negative experiences when delving into yoga philosophy. If the delivery is inclusive-it’s enlightening. If it does not embrace all beliefs, it can be offensive. Adi & Steph chose to be inclusive. We were all enlightened. The Satsang was beautifully orchestrated. We learned much about yoga and each other. We were a family. We really connected.” J. Bizer 8/1

“Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to learn about teaching and philosophy at Hood River. This training made me more confident to teach for my future. Everything I wanted to know including philosophy, was in this training! Seriously. I am completely satisfied with this intensive. Thank you!!!!!!!” ~ M. Sunahata 7/16/11

“I just wanted to thank both of you for a week filled with laughter, learning, friendship, and self-exploration. It is very evident you have so much passion for what you do; it was an honor to spend time and learn from both of you….so much insight. The structure of the intensive was awesome. I loved the combination of teaching, feedback and philosophy. I have great new tools for my teaching as well as for myself.  Your in my heart always.” ~ R. Marshall, 7/16/11

“I am honored and blessed to have crossed paths with YOU, Stephanie and Adi. I am truly filled with awe to have felt such genuine trusting connections.” ~T. Hilsabeck 7/16/11