Gift Certificates for Local Community Causes

Flow believes that community, relationships and loving support are incredibly important to a fulfilled life. We give because it is inspired within our hearts to do so. Flow donates thousands of dollars worth of free memberships each year to local causes in an effort to support our local schools, the arts, sports, and charities.

Do you have a local charity, auction, or cause?

Please email Erin so she can arrange a gift certificate for your cause.



Seva Sangha Community Yoga Outreach

Flow Yoga Community offers yoga, satsang, kirtan, and meditation to the community by donation. We appreciate cash donations to go toward our community outreach seva program.  Seva means selfless service. We help support Seva classes, in both spanish and english, at Flow Yoga, Haven, and at local schools and non profits. Your cash donations help us to fund these programs, as needed.  Thank you for your generosity.

We also accept your donations of gently used active apparel that we resell in our Boutique and this money also helps us to fund these programs.  We are looking forward to expanding this program in 2014 through a fundraising campaign to help us bring more yoga to the people who often times need it the most.

If you are interested in hosting a seva class for a particular organization or group please contact Erin to set this up.



Flow Yoga Community Scholarship ~ Jaya Yoga Registered Yoga School

Flow Yoga Community has seen the positive impact that mindful conscious living has on our youth.  Therefore, we would like to support an HRV student who is especially interested in the practice of Yoga.  Our inspiration is to share Yoga in ways that are meaningful physically, energetically and spiritually.  Flow Yoga is also uniquely grounded in preventing yoga injuries  – we approach yoga not from what’s trendy, but from what’s sacred, sustainable, and revolutionary.

Each year we offer a Yoga Alliance-approved Registered Yoga Teacher training program at the 200-Hour Level to a student at Hood River Valley High School. Our updated training schedule can be found on our Master Event Calendar, and more information regarding the program can be reviewed here.  Scholarship recipient will be given a full tuition credit toward the $2500 tuition for completion of this program.  The program must be completed sometime within four years of graduating from high school in order to receive the scholarship.

Other high school or college students not living in Hood River , can email us to apply for a $500 scholarship toward the $2500 tuition.