Aerial Silks Yoga

17097941_10212674983737757_7521386834129196458_oAerial Silks yoga opens a world of fun, flexible, restful and strength-focused possibilities for all levels of yoga practitioners. Students will find sweet support and relief with the hammock as their body explores common restful and meditative yoga postures – helping to improve alignment, increase space and mobility in the back and joints, as well as, improve circulation and relaxation. For the strength focused practices, research has also shown that it requires more core and arm engagement while practicing suspended then while doing traditional yoga on the ground. Enjoy a fun, yet challenging workout for the core and upper body in the active strength classes.


No matter your level of expertise aerial silks yoga offers numerous physical benefits.  Enjoy support for inversions, improved alignment, spinal decompression, pain relief, relaxation, increased space and mobility in the joints and spine, as well as, improved core stability & upper arm strength. We have a number of talented teachers who will guide you through Restorative, Foundations & Flow, or Strength classes. Come try a drop-in class to see what works best for you! Or you can sign up for an 8-week series if you already know you can’t come just once.


Due to space and equipment restrictions, class sizes are limited to 6 students. Visit our class schedule to reserve your space in a drop-in!


Want to keep developing your skills? Ask your instructor about the option for an 8 class series where you can build on your practice each week in a small group! Contact the Flow Studio Manager for more details or to schedule a private class or series!




Aerial Yoga Foundations & Flow

16992528_10212674952416974_4332599302257370335_oDiscover a new level of stretch, strength and relaxation! Experience a solid foundational aerial yoga practice and master the core values of the silks. Use the support of the hammock to enhance traditional yoga poses and work new areas of the body as you delve into inversions, supported stretches and simple standing postures. All levels welcome!

Mondays 5:30 pm   (with Madeline)
Fridays 9:45 am (with Laura)





Therapeutic/ Restorative Aerial17038564_10212674951376948_8097673529744368125_o

Feel weightless and rejuvenated as we relax into a 60-minute restorative practice. This class will use the aerial silks as a supportive apparatus to invite the body into deeply restful postures. This class includes guided “floating meditation” and yoga nidra to enhance our hour of ease and return to homeostasis.

We schedule these classes periodically throughout the year as a single class. You may refer to our master event calendar for our current schedule of events. If you are interested in scheduling a private session for you and your friends please contact the Flow Manager. 












Aerial For Tweens


Explore the creativity of strength, flexibility, and supported acrobatics in this playful class geared towards tweens & teens. This class is tailored for youth 9-16. Mom can sign up too and enjoy the class with son or daughter!

We are currently hosting these as individual classes or workshops periodically throughout the year. If you would like to schedule a private class for you and your son/daughter and their friends please contact the Studio Manager.





****It is important to wear long sleeves and capris or tights to practice Aerial Yoga and no jewelry. Also, if you are sensitive to motion sickness, try a Drop-In Class before you commit to a Series.



1. You may sign-up for drop-in classes individually or in a group of up to 6 if you pre-register. We recommend that you Pre-regsiter for a Drop-in Class as space is limited. Visit our Schedule, call the Studio at 541 386.9642 or sign up using the Mindbody App on your Smartphone.


 *** We do offer Gift Certificates for Aerial classes! Gift the joy of flight for any special occasion.


* Space is limited to 6 students. Due to small class sizes, refunds will not be issued for no-shows or late cancelations unless your space can be filled. Thank you for understanding.