Vajra Heart Teachings

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Awakening to your True Nature

“Awakening to your True Nature is not some mystical, magical thing. It is an absolutely simple discovery of what you’ve always been. To find that out, there’s no need to become good, or pure, or holy…you realize that what you are IS the Sacred, RIGHT NOW. The discovery of your naturally inherent perfection has nothing to do with religion, or what you believe, or even how you live your life. It is seeing beyond the limited ideas of “me” into the actual nature of Reality itself. We can’t give each other that, we can’t attain that, we can simply point each other to that living Truth in every moment because it is already within.”
The invitation here is to forget yourself in order to find your Self…

Adi’s teaching is a unique blend of Tantric Buddhism, Mystic Christianity, Zen, and Advaita Vedanta. In Buddhism, the word Tantra refers to the ‘thread of continuity’ of one’s experience with wakefulness. There is an on-going stream of relating to life, relationships, and phenomena, with integrity and skill. The tantric teachings address this continuous relationship with life in a way that is fresh and clean and whole. Tantra is not a philosophy, or belief system, or religion, it is the direct and immediate relationship to what is. Tantra provides teachings to understand your own mind, and for relating to your awakened state of being.

Adi’s Schedule at Flow


9:30 am – Vinyasa Flow class infused with teachings
11:00 am- 12:30 pm – Meditation/Satsang


Noon – Vinyasa Flow class infused with teachings


6:15 pm – Flow Vinyasa class infused Tai Qi, Yin, and inspired teachings

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