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Sharing the awareness, acceptance and transformation the practice of yoga brings to our lives is what truly inspires Stephanie to teach. She has seen inothers, and experienced herself, that regular practice inspires one to greater peace, connection, and joy. Stephanie has been practicing hatha yoga for over 22 years. Prior to that, she was learning about the yogic life through studying universal spiritual principles and philosophy with her first yoga teacher, Marianne Williamson (not an asana teacher, but a true teacher of the heart of Yoga).

Stephanie’s dedication to the path brought her to fulfilling her dream of opening a studio, training teachers, and building community through yoga. Flow Yoga recently celebrated its 13th anniversary and continues to thrive and grow in ways she never could have imagined. In 2012, Stephanie and Adi Vajra, created Flow Yoga’s first Registered Yoga School called Jaya Yoga Teacher Training. Again, this leap of faith has been greatly rewarded with loyal and loving student teachers who come to train with them from all over the US and Canada.

Over 17 years, Stephanie has trained over 10,000 teachers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and India. She has led trainings in 25 states and 3 provinces. She appears with her two daughters in the YogaFit Kids video/DVD, and in the YF Level One, Level Four and Anatomy Training DVDs, and appeared several times on Seattle’s Q13 Morning News show as a yoga resource.

In addition to Stephanie’s yoga background, she holds fitness certifications, including ACE’s Personal Trainer Certificate since 1998. She has a B.S. from W.S.U., and is certified through BodyMind Academy as a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant. Stephanie has been a featured presenter at ACSM, NIRSA, TSI Summit, NW YogaFest, DCAC, Spinning, IDEA, and numerous YogaFit MindBody Fitness Conferences. She is registered at Yoga Alliance’s highest level, as a 500-hr ERYT (this allows her to sign CEs for RYT 200-Trained teachers who attend her workshops).




From a young age, Adi (born Paul Marino) felt that Love was more important than anything else. Unknowingly, this subtle knowing led him to seek to understand God. As a teenager, Adi developed a fascination with shamanism and ‘expanding consciousness’. Years later, in 2003, Adi had an awakening to the essential nature of Self which profoundly transformed everything that he had thought was real. After working intensely with a Navajo medicine man and studying the mystical traditions of the world, Adi left for India in search of a fully enlightened Master. After a rigorous search he stumbled upon Sri Ramana Maharshi, where the search ended. Ramana’s invitation was to discover the Self, which is always one’s natural state of being. He gave us the beautiful gift of self-inquiry in order to find out “Who Am I, Really”. Later meeting and working with awakened Masters, including Gangaji, Adyashanti, and Elle Collier Re, Adi began teaching and pointing others to the living Truth that is one’s own nature. Adi brings a simple and direct style that doesn’t waste time with non-essentials. He draws on the wisdom traditions of Christianity, Advaita Vedanta, Zen, Tantric Buddhism, and Yoga in his teachings. The challenge here is to dive deep into yourself in order to find out what’s really, really True. These teachings are meant for those who are no longer interested in attaining anything special, but who are interested in the truth that is available always in the yearning of the Heart.



christy head shot 2016 2CHRISTY PLAUGHER
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Christy believes leading others on the path of yoga is truly a blessing. She joins her deep appreciation of the history and tradition of yoga with a contemporary understanding of how yoga can benefit practitioners of this time and place.

Yoga entered Christy’s life in 1993, but it wasn’t until 10 years later that yoga bloomed into both a spiritual and physical passion for her, and she dove into the study of yoga philosophy. In 2008, she dedicated both her career and lifestyle to the study and practice of yoga. Since then, Christy has achieved yoga teacher certifications including:

  • 200 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance
  • 200 ERYT (upon completing over 1000 hours of teaching as a registered 200RYT)
  • 500 RYT through Yoga Alliance,

Christy’s yoga teaching is centered on the breath. She uses postures as a way to understand the relationship between the breath, the body and the mind. Christy has led yoga classes and teacher trainings throughout the United States and internationally. Christy has had the privilege to study with several wonderful teachers who have influenced her practice including:

  • Sri Ravi Shankar (Student of TKV Desikachar)
  • Swami Omkarananda
  • Stephanie Adams
  • Adi Vajra